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Foundations are active in areas of society that have recently been exposed to rapid developments and changes. For example, while the digital transformation offers great opportunities for foundations to do their work efficiently, it also presents a major challenge to their reorganisation. Moreover, regional problems in a networked world are rapidly growing into complex, unmanageable crises with global effects, while alternatives to conventional, absolutely safe investment models for foundation assets – such as cryptocurrencies – are emerging on the already agile capital market. In addition, impact and impact transparency is becoming significantly more important in the work of foundations. Contributors want to know what commitment involves. Foundations that want to work successfully and effectively must therefore be prepared to establish new structures, procedures and processes.

IMPCT provides supports and advice during this fundamental change. Through in-depth analyses of existing foundation constructs, we identify new potential in both the foundation itself (strategy, organisational development) and in the projects that foundations support and fund. We work with them to sharpen their profile and their role as active shapers of civil society, thereby increasing their impact and the transparent communication of the concrete results of the foundation’s work.


Opportunities determine life paths. Children need support and attention, which they do not always receive, especially in difficult social circumstances. The Löwenhaus in Hamburg- Harburg promotes the development of children by offering low-threshold childcare which provides motivational homework support, varied meals, games, fun, and a variety of leisure activities. At Löwenhaus, every child gets the chance to strengthen their social and cultural skills.

IMPCT has supported Löwenhaus Harburg since autumn 2019. Together with the founders, we have developed an effective long-term strategy for this important place, supported its digitalisation, and designed effective fundraising concepts that strengthen the social relevance of Löwenhaus Harburg and position the organisation for the future.


Social entrepreneurs draw their strength from inspiration and empowerment. IMPCT offers them the perfect contact point where professional entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary networking and creativity pave the way for social businesses to achieve real social change. With every social business that is successful, even skeptics become more convinced that another world is possible – one that involves a gentle and mindful change in the process of inexorable globalisation. Such change is possible when the participants in the economy and the creators of civic coexistence, the market and non-profit organisations, tackle the challenges of our time together, and when social businesses shape this change as a unifying element.


Economic activity that generates profit “without regard to losses” is no longer in keeping with the times. For many companies, returns on investment are therefore no longer measured by balance sheets alone. Instead, the environmental and socio-cultural contribution of the economy is gaining in importance. Profit-maximising ignorance of social responsibility is increasingly being punished by consumers and their growing awareness of sustainability.

IMPCT stands for a new, sustainable way of living, doing business and working that leads to healthy cycles. Our mission is to communicate to the business community that “purpose” cannot be an empty promise, and that CSR and CSX go far beyond simply separating waste in the company. We also support non-profit actors that focus on sustainability with our effective strategies, positioning and organisational development.

Hamburger Volksbank

Fairness, solidarity and partnership describe the cooperative values of Hamburger Volksbank. These values take place at eye level in communication with target groups and provide a guide for behaviour among employees as well as the way people live together in general. As an important player rooted in Hamburg, Hamburger Volksbank is highly committed to the region. In order to further strengthen this initiative, IMPCT has prepared a study that outlines how Hamburger Volksbank can position itself even more strongly as an active shaper of the city of Hamburg through sustainable commitment.


Good intentions alone are often not enough. “Those who have, can” – yet even the best ideas for sustainable change require the necessary capital to unfold their full effect. It is only with the right investment that the non-profit “third sector” succeeds in turning solutions into reality, scaling them up and making them big. IMPCT is the mediator between these worlds: we connect important content with the right sources of capital.

We connect capital with the right ideas. We seek out the organisations and projects worth supporting with “green” or “social” money. We use standardised and specially developed KPIs to ensure economical, ecological and socio-cultural impact transparency and return on investment.