Startseite MyIMPCT

A social nucleus of
real sustainability.

With weIMPCT, a centre of active creators of sustainable social change is being created, which demonstrates on 900 square metres what IMPCT stands for and fights for. weIMPCT – a scalable campus of sustainability in the heart of Hamburg – allows a future that rethinks sustainable living, business and working together to be experienced in an exciting way. For non-profit projects, for Hamburg residents, for guests from all over the world.

WeIMPCT advises and
supports with

  • Founding
  • Strategy
  • Business management issues
  • Fundraising & Investments
  • Events
  • Cooperationen & Networking

The location itself also meets all sustainability requirements – with alternative building materials, mobile and modular prefab construction, zero emissions, sustainable water and energy cycles and contemporary mobility concepts.

Imagine Green Ideas Pay Rent

weIMPCT is a fertile ground and a field of experimentation, a place of learning and a centre of competence, a base camp for new alliances and a platform for innovation. In a cooperative atmosphere, weIMPCT serves as a classical consultancy, support and promotion of social solution approaches in all relevant areas. For this purpose, we bundle competences from different worlds, which also train socially important initiatives, projects and organisations in entrepreneurial thinking and action as well as bring them together with new partners. Meeting and conference rooms, a complete digital infrastructure and temporary office space create a social space of sustainability in which NGOs, social business and civil society projects are encouraged to develop their own goals and make their own organisations sustainable and efficient.